Bleacher Washing and Gum Removal Westlake

April 15, 2015

Aluminum Bleacher Washing

Before the 2014 sports season at Westlake High School, our team at Pristine Clean had the opportunity to show what we can do when it comes to aluminum bleacher washing and commercial gum removal. Needless to say, the bleachers were quite dirty. With weathering, dirt, and gum caked on them, the grandstands looked hopeless. Our professionals used hot water, specialized high-pressure tips, and our custom mix of cleansers and detergents to totally transform these grandstands.

Commercial gum removal
Over 6000 pieces of gum removed.

The Transformation Starts

The process had to start with the gum removal. The crew counted (yes they counted) some 6000 pieces of gum. If the gum would not have been removed first with a special, high-powered tip, there would have been marks all over the bleachers showing where the gum was stuck. Once the gum was removed, we applied our special detergents. This process cleaned and revitalized the aluminum. During the cleaning process, athletes and coaches using the stadium stood in awe as the vivid before and after unfolded. One coach even stated, “I thought our stadium was the cleanest around, but I didn’t realize it could get that clean.” Yes, it could get “that clean.”

A Vivid Before and After 

These pictures show vividly how effective Pristine Clean’s washing process is. The simple truth is that, had the school gone with the another contractor, the bleachers would not have gotten this clean. Most pressure washing companies simply rely on pressure and water flow to clean, but that’s only part of the equation. Having the right mix of solutions and detergents is the other part. Pristine Clean has years of experience in the power washing industry, along with the know how to get each unique job done right!

Bleacher wash and gum removal
The bleachers same look amazing…now it’s time for the home team to win!


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