Concrete Driveway Washing & Sealing

May 10, 2016

Service companies trade in trust. Customers must trust service providers to be professional, to be insured, to be responsive, and to be responsible. Most of all, customers must trust service companies to provide quality work without cutting corners just to bolster their bottom lines. Trust is especially important when it comes to concrete driveway washing & sealing. Sadly, many pressure washing companies apply inferior sealants to concrete in an effort to save costs and increase profits. The very best defense the homeowner has against this kind of dishonesty is education.

Beware Membrane Sealers

Membrane sealers leave a layer of film or coating on top of concrete and repel liquids in the same way that sunscreen protects skin from sunlight. Though membrane sealers can be effective and appropriate for certain kinds of smoothly finished concretes, there are several problems with them. The most significant drawback is that they generally do not last very long. Sealant that sits on the surface of concrete tends to erode sooner than penetrating sealers and they generally erode unevenly leaving spots of the concrete protected and spots unprotected. The UV rays from the sun do the most dam For this reason penetrating sealers are generally preferable over membrane sealers when it comes to driveway concrete.

Beware All-Purpose or Multi-Surface Penetrating Sealers

Not all concrete is created equal. The concrete aggregate of a stamped patio is not the same as that of a concrete garage floor which is not the same as that of a concrete driveway, etc. Because of this, using a one-size-fits-all general sealer designed to “protect” surfaces ranging from concrete to wood just doesn’t make good sense. Many of these all-purpose sealers, such as Home Depot’s G-Seal, are silicone based and include organic fillers like plant oils which make them very cheap, and for this reason, a very popular choice for pressure washing companies. The price difference is significant—to seal an average driveway with one of these multi-surface sealers a service provider will spend between $10-$30 in product cost whereas a service provider who applies an aggregate specific concrete sealer will spend between $75-$150 for the same coverage. And you get precisely what you pay for. The difference in quality is just as significant as the difference in price; a product designed for a very specific kind of concrete will always outperform one designed to cover a multitude of surfaces. That’s just common sense.

Concrete Driveway Washing & Sealing…the Right Way

Driveway concrete in particular is especially porous and at a magnified view looks very similar to a sponge with many natural gaps and spaces. Because of its especially porous nature compared to other smooth or decorative concrete aggregates, driveway concrete should be protected with a very specific kind of penetrating concrete sealer: silane-siloxane. Why silane-siloxane? The answer is necessarily a bit technical.

Silane-siloxane concrete sealers are sealers that contain particles of, well, silane and siloxane polymers. Silane particles are very small and are designed to penetrate deep past the porous surface of the concrete. Siloxane particles are larger than the silane particles and so penetrate the concrete at shallower levels. The combination of these two polymers make for the perfect “seal team”: the penetrating silane particles work in concert with the surface level siloxane particles to create a hydrophobic barrier (waterproof barrier) that will comprehensively block out water and salts from passing through the concrete. The silane-siloxane sealer has been specifically engineered for the porous concrete aggregates that are used in driveways and are thus far superior to the one-size-fits-all sealers so popular among pressure washing companies.

If you’re going to make the wise decision to protect your driveway before another brutal Northeast Ohio winter is upon us, you may as well do it right. Educated customers know that when it comes to protecting your concrete driveway,


Pristine Clean is the pressure washing company you can trust because we NEVER cut corners. We guarantee to only use a premium grade, deep penetrating, silane-siloxane sealant with our driveway wash and seal service. Call us to toady for the very best value in the pressure washing industry!

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