August 12, 2016

Your largest investment?

Did you know that one of your largest investments as a homeowner is actually your concrete driveway?
Many homeowners are unaware that, like your house, your concrete also needs regular
maintenance and care if it is to retain its structural integrity and longevity. Having your driveway
professionally washed and sealed every two years with a high quality siloxane concrete sealer is the very
best way to protect and preserve one of your most costly investments.

Your concrete is under attack!

Concrete driveways are exposed to the harsh elements of
nature that will break them down over time. Especially damaging is the annual freeze-thaw cycles of
Northeast Ohio’s frigid winters and rainy springs. Concrete is like a sponge and will readily absorb any
liquids that settle on it. When the liquids absorbed into concrete freeze, they expand and can damage the
concrete in the process causing chipping, spalling, flaking, and even buckling. In addition to the
damaging effects of the freeze-thaw cycle, concrete is constantly bombarded with U.V. rays from the sun
which also contributes to its deterioration.

Pristine Clean to the rescue.

Fortunately, there is a way to slow the deteriorating effects of
nature’s forces on your concrete and preserve the longevity and curb appeal of your driveway: Have your
driveway professionally washed and sealed by Northeast Ohio’s concrete preservation experts, Pristine
Clean. Pristine Clean protects and preserves your concrete in two important steps.
1. First, your driveway is prepped to receive our sealant with a professional wash. Success at this
stage of the process is all about using the appropriate equipment for the job. Our commercial
grade concrete pressure washers go well beyond what can be achieved with the do-it-yourself
pressure washers purchased at retail stores; our washers penetrate your concrete to remove the
filth that has been absorbed into the first several layers of the concrete substrate. Unless you can
get down deep past the surface level to unclog the natural pores in the concrete, deep penetrating
sealants will be ineffective.
2. Now that the deeper layers of concrete pores have been cleared of debris, your driveway is ready
for the application of our premium, deep penetrating, silane-siloxane concrete sealant that fills
those vacant pores and protects your concrete from the inside out.

Why wait?

Don’t wait for the fall.  Now is the best time to protect your concrete driveway. Although it is habitual for homeowners to think about protecting their driveways just before winter, the
fall is actually not the ideal time to apply sealant. Concrete sealant is best applied when the outside
temperature is warmer on average. This is because your concrete is at optimal absorption when the
weather is consistently above 45 degrees at night. Waiting until October may be habitual, but it is
preferable to have your concrete washed and sealed in August or early September for the optimal
absorption temperatures. So when it comes to concrete washing and sealing, there is good reason not to
procrastinate! It’s time to protect your concrete driveway today.

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