The Pristine Clean Team vs Winter Grime

April 13, 2017

The Pristine Clean Team vs Winter Grime is the first of three comics for 2017. Winter Grime faces the Pristine Clean Team in this epic battle in April. It’s followed by two even more formidable foes to be revealed in the months of May and September 2017. The Battle takes place on the pages of Mimi Vanderhaven, Market Magazine, Facebook,  and on T.V. with Fox 8. We wanted to present this campaign across multiple channels and we anticipate new opportunities to emerge.  This is easily the most exciting and dynamic advertising campaign to date. Here is a look into how it all developed.

Creative Marketing

The concept arose as Anthony and I challenged our marketing team during a meeting. The topic at hand, creative content. We wanted to do something different. We wanted to tell our story, but in a way that we had not done before. Our Marketing Team had the Mimi Vanderhaven paper in mind. No offense, but the Mimi readers are probably getting a little tired of seeing owners with their crew in front of their fleet of trucks. Impressive, I know…guilty as charged!  Sure, for a company introduction, that’s fine, but seeing that same image month after month gets tiresome. Again, we wanted to do something very different. So we did! We vetted artists, but kept striking out. Many of the artists seemed eager at first, but then got intimidated as we pitched the idea. Through Facebook, we met Len Peralta. Len is a local Cleveland artist. As you can see, Len’s talent is off the charts. We are so glad we took this risk. We are excited to see how it performs and are eager to continue to push the envelope in regards to fresh and creative content.

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