Power Washing Service

April 17, 2017

Looking for power washing service in the Cleveland area? Your search is over. The Pristine Clean Team located in Berea, offers residential and commercial power washing service to most of Northeast Ohio. With a fleet of beautifully branded box trucks, top-of-the-line equipment, and highly trained and certified technicians, Pristine Clean continues to deliver the best customer experience in the industry. Getting a quote is easy. Our salesmen can pull your home up using satellite estimating programs. Our customers love the relaxed, informative sales atmosphere. You won’t find pushy associates with Pristine Clean. Here are Pristine Clean’s most popular  spring services:

Pristine House Clean

The Pristine House Clean is a deep cleaning of your home with a three-step process that includes 1) first, a gutter scrub with an aluminum brightener to help remove gutter staining, 2) followed by a gentle low-pressure wash and selective soft bristle brush of the house with a biodegradable cleanser and mildewcide, 3) the final step in the service includes a finish coating of our gloss enhanced surface protectant. This extra step will make the home look cleaner and stay clean longer. We love getting feed back from our customers, especially after our signature house wash. The third step really does add instant curb appeal to the home. Every day we get calls and surveys that say the same thing, “My house looks brand new.”

Pristine Roof Clean

Next up is the Pristine Roof Clean. It’s a gentle treatment of roof shingles that includes the application of our custom blended shingle cleanser and mildewcid. The wash effectively and safely lifts stains and eliminates the bacteria and mildew growth. This treatment is safe for the roof, as we do not use high pressure. The process is called soft-washing, and the pressure our technicians use is like that of a garden hose. This service also includes a complete gutter clean and downspout flush.

Pristine Concrete Clean and Seal

Finally, there is the Pristine Concrete Clean and Seal, the very best thing you can do for your concrete. It’s a pressure wash of the concrete with a walk behind surface cleaner and a biodegradable detergent that gently lifts and removes surface marks and contaminants. This is followed by the application of our premium, siloxane based concrete sealant that gets absorbed into the concrete to protect and preserve. Concrete is like a sponge, and when left untreated with a sealer, it will be susceptible to cracking, chipping, and surface pitting.

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