Ken Wilson with Pristine Clean on Spot Light 5

May 4, 2017

I recently did a spot for Pristine Clean Services with Sarah Carnes on Spot Light 5. The segment involved a brief interview about my company and the BIG three power washing services available with Pristine Clean: House Washing | Roof Washing | Concrete Washing & Sealing. Sarah did an excellent job and asked poignant questions that were relevant to the power washing industry.

House Washing

The Pristine Clean Team offers the best house soft-wash around. It’s a deep cleaning of your home with a three-step process: 1) First, our technicians do a gutter scrub. We use an aluminum brightener, which helps remove the unsightly black gutter staining, 2) Next, the gutter treatment is followed by a gentle low-pressure wash and selective soft bristle brush of the house.  Rather than high pressure, we use a biodegradable cleanser and mildewcide. This process is safer and way more effective in cleaning the home. 3) The final step in the service includes a finish coating of our gloss enhanced surface protection. This extra step adds instant curb appeal to your home and will make the home look cleaner and stay clean longer.

Roof Washing

If your roof is plagued by algae, moss, or those ugly black streaks, then the Pristine Roof Wash is the service for you. It’s a gentle treatment of roof shingles that includes the application of our custom blended shingle cleanser and mildewcide. Again, this treatment is safe for your shingles. The pressure we use is similar to that of a garden hose. Our cleanser does the tough work, not High-Pressure that effectively and safely lifts stains and eliminates the bacteria and mildew growth. This service also includes a complete gutter clean.

Concrete Driveway Washing and Sealing

Protecting your concrete driveway is prudent, especially if you want to take care of one of the most valuable investments around your home. The average driveway has a price tag of over $10,000.00 to replace, so mitigating against cracking, chipping, and surface pitting is a great idea. The Pristine Concrete Wash & Seal is a pressure wash of concrete with a walk-behind surface cleaner. Using this machine ensures a consistent clean on the concrete. Our techs apply a biodegradable detergent that gently lifts and removes surface marks and contaminants. This is followed by the application of our premium, siloxane-based concrete sealant that gets absorbed into the concrete to protect and preserve.

Having all three of these Pristine Clean Services will protect all of your exterior surfaces and ensure that your home is beautifully maintained throughout the year. The Pristine Clean Team is certified through the Power Washers of North America and is located in Berea, OH. We service all of Northeast Ohio.