Pristine Clean Owner Ken Wilson

May 10, 2017

Pristine Clean owner, Ken Wilson had the pleasure of being interviewed on Live at Lakeside on NBC Channel 3. Here’s the clip of the interview: Live at Lakeside. We have to say, this was one of our favorite T.V. spots that we’ve done. Michael asked the questions perfectly, which allowed Ken to highlight the Pristine Clean brand with ease. Michael asked pertinent questions about Pristine Clean’s Big 3 services: House Washing, Roof Cleaning,  and Concrete Washing & Sealing.

House Washing

The Pristine Clean House Washing service stands head and shoulders above the rest. The service starts with a gutter wash. We use an aluminum brightener to bring your dingy gutters back to life. For the most stubborn oxidation and staining, we offer a gutter scrub for a small upgrade. The house is soft-washed, utilizing a selective soft bristle brush where stains persist. The combination of a biodegradable cleanser and a mildewcide effectively eliminates organic growth and gets the home Pristine Clean. The final step of the service really sets us apart from the competition. We apply a finish coating of gloss-enhanced surface protection on the siding. This signature move adds instant curb appeal and makes the home look and stay cleaner longer.

Roof Cleaning

Our roof cleaning service is the best way to completely eliminate the unsightly and destructive organism growing on your roof called Gloeocapsa Magma. It typically reveals its ugly self as those pesky black streaks that make your home’s roof look downright ugly. The bacteria actually feed off the limestone filler contained in your shingles, so it’s expedient that you safely eliminate it. The Pristine roof wash is a gentle treatment of the shingles. Because of this, we do not power wash your roof! Our techs gently spray on the cleanser and the streaks will go away. Not only does this enhance the look of your home, but it adds longevity to your shingles.

Concrete Washing

The final of the big three services is the Pristine Concrete Washing & Sealing service. Did you know that your concrete is constantly under attack? In light of this, it’s important to protect it. Our service starts with an application of an eco-friendly detergent and a pressure washing of your concrete driveway. This power clean penetrates to the deepest layers of your concrete, clearing dirt and contaminants. By doing the first part of the service with professional equipment and trained technicians, it ensures that the sealant is effective. Our sealer is a silane-siloxane sealer that’s designed specifically for your concrete. It fills the voids and makes the driveway more resistant to water and contaminants.

Pristine Clean Owner Ken Wilson reminds you to “Treat Your Home to a Pristine Clean.”

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