Pristine Clean Power Cleaning Service

July 26, 2017

Pristine Clean Power Cleaning Company serves all of Northeast Ohio. Our vast array of pressure washing services and our distinct professional approach sets us apart from all other Northeast Ohio companies. Because of this, we work every day to provide the best customer experience around. Pristine Clean boasts multiple certifications with the Power Washers of North America PWNA. These include siding washing, roof cleaning, and flat surface washing and sealing. So, what do you get when you choose Pristine Clean? Well, you get a professional company that’s committed to its customers and employees. Owners Ken and Anthony spare no expense or resource to ensure they are on the cutting edge of their respective industry. Honestly, the two have positioned themselves as leaders, moving it forward in ethics, practice, and pricing.

Pristine’s Big 3 Power Cleaning Services

If you have dirty, algae-covered siding, Pristine has you covered with our 3-step house washing service. Perhaps your roof has those unsightly black streaks? The Pristine Roof Wash is perfect. It’s safe for the shingles and effective in removing the bacteria that is damaging your roof. Maybe your concrete driveway is dirty and in need of protection? The Pristine Concrete Driveway Wash and Seal service is the best way to make the concrete look great, but also protect it. We only use high-quality Siloxane Sealers. Even if it’s just a deck or patio you need to be cleaned off, Pristine has the right service to serve you. Again, you’ll love our refreshing approach. Pristine Clean makes your experience great!

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