Concrete Care 101

August 31, 2017

Pristine Clean is your concrete care experts. Our technicians are certified through the PWNA in concrete washing & sealing. We strive to create the the most professional and responsive customer experience in Northeast Ohio. Owner’s Ken Wilson & Anthony Alberino have an ongoing commitment to excellence in service, and that commitment is on display with their concrete driveway washing and sealing service. Here is a brief summary and video detailing the service:

  1. One of your largest investments as a homeowner is your concrete driveway. This is especially relevant because replacement cost averages north of $10,000.00
  2. Your concrete is under attack. The annual freeze-thaw cycle of Northeast Ohio (freezing winters and rainy springs) will breakdown your concrete if left unprotected.
  3. Concrete is like a sponge, readily absorbing any liquids that settle on it. When the liquids in the concrete freeze, they expand. As a result, this causes cracking, chipping, surface pitting, and spalling.
  4. Also, concrete is subjected to the powerful & harsh UV Rays of the sun. Just look at your grill cover. When you first put it on the grill, it’s nice and black, but by the end of the season gets a greyish pink look to it. It’s also quite easy to rip…this is all because of the suns deteriorating effects, which is unrelenting on your concrete driveway.
  5. There is a way to slow nature’s deteriorating effects on your driveway and preserve the longevity and curb appeal of your driveway.
  6. Pristine Clean is Northeast Ohio’s concrete protection Experts
  7. The service starts with a thorough washing of the concrete substrate. Our professional grade surface washers go well-beyond what the homeowner can typically achieve with a big-box-store pressure washer. The washers penetrate the deeper layers of the concrete. Success at this stage is critical, if the sealant is to properly take.
  8. Once the driveway is cleaned and rinsed, the concrete is sealed with our premium Silane-Siloxane sealer. Siloxane sealant is designed specifically for aggregate (porous) driveways. Our sealant penetrates deep into the concrete, making it more resistant to water and contaminants.

Let Pristine Clean protect one of your most costly investments as a homeowner.

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