Northeast Ohio’s Concrete Protection Experts

September 28, 2017

Professional Service Priced Honestly

When Anthony and Ken launched their professional pressure washing company in Northeast Ohio over a decade ago, they were determined to develop their pricing in a way that was honest and transparent. “There are several approaches to pricing in our industry and some of them are just not fair for the customer,” explains Anthony. “For example, there are some companies that employ what we call the deflationary tactic where prices are deliberately inflated and then negotiated down (gradually deflating the price) to something more reasonable only when necessary to save the job. The idea here is to catch as many customers as possible in the inflated price range and negotiate down only with the educated and savvy customer. At the end of the day the salesman always wins: uneducated customers get totally ripped off and only the savvier customer pays a fair price—though they do so thinking that they got a great deal.” Anthony continues, “At Pristine Clean we offer our best price to every customer right up front, period; we simply don’t believe in inflating our prices and we refuse to price gouge.” With Pristine Clean what you see is what you get, a professional pressure washing service priced honestly.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late!

Anthony and Ken want to strongly encourage you to get your concrete driveway protected before the onsite of the late fall weather conditions. “Many homeowners put this very important concrete maintenance service off until it’s too late in the season,” says Ken, “once those temperatures drop to near freezing conditions at night the sealers become ineffective.” Their message is clear: get your concrete protected from a professional pressure washing company while the weather conditions are still optimal.

Only The Best

With their highly trained technicians, professional grade walk-behind surface washers, and premium concrete sealer, Pristine Clean backs up their claim to be Northeast Ohio’s concrete protection experts. “We do not cut corners here” says Ken, “although we could increase our bottom line by offering a cheaper grade sealer, we insist on applying only the very best product on the market.” This is important because not all sealers are created equal. Ken continues, “The proper sealer for aggregate concrete is a penetrating sealer composed of suspended siloxane molecules that gradually absorb deep into the concrete substrate to protect from within.” The professionals at Pristine Clean urge you to beware contractors who claim that their sealers last up to 5 years. The truth is that the appropriate penetrating sealers have a maximum life of 3 years but in the Northeast Ohio climate the lifespan will be closer to 2 years. Bottom line, if you haven’t had your concrete protected for a couple of years, it may be time for another treatment.

Pristine Clean is Northeast Ohio’s # 1 professional pressure washing company.

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