Professional Concrete Washing

October 10, 2017

Professional Concrete Washing…

The recent streak of record breaking heat, along with a lack of rain may have you thinking that winter may not come this year, but you know better. This is Northeast Ohio after all. Indeed, the weather is starting to cool and soon you will wake up to frost on your grass… and windshield. Yes, winter will come as it always does. That should get you thinking. Is your concrete ready? The freeze-thaw starts in late fall and wreaks havoc on your concrete through the winter and into spring. Perhaps you should consider a professional concrete washing and sealing with Pristine Clean to protect it.

The concrete driveway is first washed with a walk-behind, commercial grade surface cleaner. Success at this stage is crucial. If the deeper levels of the concrete’s pores are not cleared, a sealant will be ineffective. Once the concrete is free of dirt and contaminants, it’s then sealed with a Silane-Siloxane sealer. This type of sealant is specifically formulated for aggregate (porous) concrete. The driveway dries within an hour and is activated, protected, and ready for winter. Why frustrate yourself by attempting this task on your own? Our process is proven and our prices are fair.

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