How to Choose a Power Washing Company

May 10, 2018

Are you wondering how to choose a power washing company for your home or business? If so, there are multiple factors to consider when vetting the local brands in your city. This post lays out useful criteria to aid you when hiring the right power washing contractor.

Hire a Power Washing Company

When hiring a contractor to power wash your exterior surfaces, make sure they are actually a power washing company. There are an embarrassment of contractors and handymen who own a power washer, but that does not make them professional. Legitimate power washing companies spend time and resources to make sure their technicians are knowledgeable and thoroughly trained. Here’s an example of why this matters: Did you know that vinyl siding cannot be power washed? Yeah, you read that right. Vinyl siding MUST be soft-washed. This method is safer and more effective than traditional power washing. Using high-pressure damages siding and strips the UV protection off of it. Most novices power wash siding and shingles, which easily causes damage. Make sure your power washing contractor is certified to clean the surfaces you need.

Don’t Hire the Cheapest Contractor

You know the saying, “Good work ain’t cheap, cheap work ain’t good.” Well, that’s almost always true. You want your home or business to look their best, so getting that result means investing. If a contractor values their service, they should charge accordingly. A fair price for great work is key. Some companies price gouge, hoping their professional feel and high-pressure tactics will get you on their schedule, while others use bottom-of-the-barrel pricing to attract customers. Demand reasonable pricing for the work you want, and you won’t be sorry.

Reviews, Reviews, Reviews

The online review is the new word of mouth. There are plenty of great resources to read up on what customers are actually saying about a potential power washing contractor. Google and the BBB are two sites that can help as you decide. Reputable power washing brands will have reviews on various sites. This shows that their reviews are organic and trustworthy. Do your homework and interact with companies you are considering. Power Washer companies that educate, produce videos, blogs, etc. should be top on your list.

Make Sure you are Protected

When anyone does work on your home or business, ensure that they have the proper Insurance and BWC coverage. God forbid anything bad happens. If it does, knowing that you hired the right contractor with the right liability coverage gives you peace of mind. Further, proof of this coverage is easy to email in PDF or JPEG form. Also, make sure the company stands behind the work it does. While specific results are almost impossible to guarantee, the company should, at minimum, stand behind its process. If results are not to your satisfaction, knowing the contractor will work to resolve the issue is reassuring.

Hire Pristine Clean

At Pristine Clean, we strive to provide the best customer experience in the business. We send out crews that are thoroughly trained through the PWNA and are very professional. They drive beautifully branded box trucks loaded with the best power washing equipment available. Our pricing is honest and reasonable. We do not engage in price gouging, we don’t hyper-deflate our prices to beat competitors. Our saying is “honest pricing every time!” We have lots of organic reviews on all the best sites, and we carry all the necessary protection. With the Pristine Service Promise, you know that it’s our mission to provide customer sanctification with every single job.

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