It’s Time For a Concrete Driveway Power Washing

August 29, 2018

It’s time for a Concrete Driveway Power Washing. The average driveway costs between $3-7 per foot according to That means if your driveway is 1500 sq/ft (average size), then you are looking at $7500-10,000 to replace it. The reality is that you do not have to talk about replacing concrete if you simply maintain it. I briefly go over the why, when, and how of concrete driveway maintenance.

Why protect your concrete?

Protecting your concrete is not so scary if you know what to do. The analogy that works best with concrete is that of a sponge. Both the sponge and your concrete driveway have a porous nature to them. Because of this, concrete naturally absorbs water and contaminants. The kicker is that when temps go below 32 degrees and water freezes, that water expands. Water absorbs into your concrete during the winter months and expands up to 9%, which causes cracking and surface chipping. Wash your concrete to make it look its best. Seal it to mitigate against cracking and chipping.

When should you protect your concrete?

Because the concrete washing and sealing industry is trigger based, most consumers wait until it’s almost too late. What do I mean? Well, imagine you are in your home on a cold early November morning, drinking a cup of warm coffee while watching the morning news. You look out the window and you see frost covering the grass and rooftops. It hits you…WINTER IS COMING! That’s what I mean by “trigger” and that’s also what I mean by “too late.” Don’t wait till the last minute! The Siloxane sealer we apply works best in the summer or early fall.

How is a concrete driveway washed and sealed?

Concrete washing and sealing is not that hard to do. Do it properly and you enjoy the peace of mind knowing that winter won’t harm your driveway. The problem is that renting all the right equipment and purchasing the correct type of sealer is an overwhelming proposition. Honestly, you save time and money with a professional company, especially if that company is Pristine Clean. Our techs are specifically trained in flat-surface washing through the PWNA. We wash the concrete with a commercial grade surface washer. After that, the concrete is rinsed and then a Siloxane-Silane sealer is applied. It activates quick and fills the voids deep in your concrete.

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