Find the right concrete sealer and pressure washer

October 8, 2018

Winter is coming soon, so now is the time to find the right concrete sealer and pressure washer to protect your driveway. Do not wait until it is too late. Your concrete driveway is a costly investment, so keeping it cleaned and protected with the right sealer is key. Besides wanting your driveway to look great, it’s vital to protect the concrete from within.

Use a Silane-Siloxane concrete sealer for aggregate concrete.

There are many types of concrete sealers on the market. Going to a big box store and searching for the right one is intimidating. Not only are there a vast array of brands to choose from, but also different sealers for different applications. Ask a few store associates what to use. You will most likely get a few different answers. For aggregate (porous) concrete, you need a deep-penetrating, water-based sealer. Silane-siloxane sealers work best. They are breathable, and penetrate deep into the driveway, filling all the voids and creating a hydrophobic bond to the concrete. With a Siloxane sealer, your concrete is protected against cracking, chipping, and pitting.

Don’t use an oil-based, membrane concrete sealer for aggregate concrete.

Again, there are many types of concrete sealers. The reason is that there are different types of concrete. The two main types are porous (aggregate) or smooth. Oil-based, membrane sealers are specifically designed for smooth concrete. Stamped concrete, along with your garage or basement floor are a few examples. Because this type of concrete is smooth, the sealant cannot penetrate it. Oil-based sealers form a thin skin or membrane on the concrete. It’s a common mistake for providers or homeowners to use this type of sealer for a porous concrete application. Not only is the sealer tough to work with, but it wears unevenly with weathering and use of the drive. Beyond that, the new HOV laws make it tough to purchase.

Wash your concrete with a professional, walk-behind pressure washer

Before you seal your driveway, prepare the concrete with a commercial grade, walk-behind pressure washer. Using this type of unit allows you to clean the concrete more uniformly and evenly. Using a power washing wand is not ideal. It is very easy to clean certain areas too close, while other parts may not get clean enough. Again, the walk-behind unit cleans all the concrete uniformly. Make sure to wash with an oscillating, circular pattern rather than a straight walking one.

Hopefully, you find these tips helpful when tackling your concrete washing & sealing job. If you would rather let a professional company do it, look no further than Pristine Clean! Our techs are highly skilled and certified for flat surface care through the PWNA. Each year we protect thousands of driveways with our service. Get a free, over-the-phone quote today.

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