Wash Away Winter Grime

April 1, 2019

Wash Away Winter Grime with a Pristine Clean Power Washing. Winter only lasts for three short months, but what it leaves behind makes your home look dirty and drab all year long. Spring is the perfect time to breathe new life into your house siding, roof shingles, or concrete driveway.


Do you notice green algae or bacteria growing on your home? Wash away winter grime with the Pristine 3-step house wash. We treat the outside of the gutters with an aluminum brightener. Also, we wash the siding and trim all the way down to the foundation with a safe and effective soft-wash. The Pristine Techs finish the service with our famous gloss-enhanced surface protectant, which makes your home look and stay cleaner longer.


Maybe you have nasty looking black streaks on your roof shingles. It’s not dirt or tree sap like many think. Those marks are gloeocapsa magma, a shingle eating nuisance that destroys your roof by feeding off the limestone filler in it. Because of this, do not leave this issue unaddressed. Regularly maintaining your roof with a clean costs a fraction of what a replacement does, while also making it look brand new. Our roof soft-wash completely removes the bacteria, leaving your shingles looking brand new!


The surface taking the worst beating during the winter months is your concrete driveway. With a combination of contaminants, road salt, and the annual freeze-thaw cycle, concrete gets abused. Clean and protect it with the Pristine Concrete Washing and Sealing Service. After the driveway is washed, it’s sealed with a premium silane-siloxane sealer. It a dry look sealer that penetrates deep into your concrete, making it more resistant to contaminants, cracking and chipping.

Wash Away Winter Grime Today

Pristine Clean is your local, hometown power washing company. We are certified in house, roof, and flat surface washing through the PWNA (Power Washer’s of North America) Owners Anthony Alberino and Ken Wilson work every day to create the best customer experience in pressure washing industry. Call today 440-454-7041 for an instant quote right over the phone. It’s time to Wash Away Winter Grime; It’s time to Treat Your Home to a Pristine Clean!

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