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    Proven Roof Renew Process

    Proven Roof Renew Process Pristine Clean’s shingle-rejuvenating roof treatment can extend the life of your roof by 5 to 15 years. Before you replace your roof, rejuvenate it—Pristine Clean makes the process simple. Heat and Cold Cause Thermal Stress Older Roofs Become Susceptible to Cracking When your roof was first installed, oil in the asphalt
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    Concrete Driveway Protection

    Concrete Driveway Protection

    Learn about concrete driveway protection in the short article. Pristine Clean is a trusted source for professional power washing and leads the industry in professionalism and satisfied customers.

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    Sanitize Your Outdoor Surfaces

    Sanitize Your Outdoor Surfaces

    It’s time to wash and sanitize your outdoor surfaces and spaces. Our team of highly trained, professional technicians will wash away the worry you have in regards to the dirt, grime, bacteria, and viruses infecting your outdoor spaces. According to the CDC, “Current evidence suggests that novel coronavirus may remain viable for hours to days

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    Wash Away Winter Grime

    Wash Away Winter Grime

    Wash Away Winter Grime with a Pristine Clean Power Washing. Winter only lasts for three short months, but what it leaves behind makes your home look dirty and drab all year long. Spring is the perfect time to breathe new life into your house siding, roof shingles, or concrete driveway. House Do you notice green
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    Find the right concrete sealer and pressure washer

    Find the right concrete sealer and pressure washer

    Winter is coming soon, so now is the time to find the right concrete sealer and pressure washer to protect your driveway. Do not wait until it is too late. Your concrete driveway is a costly investment, so keeping it cleaned and protected with the right sealer is key. Besides wanting your driveway to look great,

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    It’s Time For a Concrete Driveway Power Washing

    It’s Time For a Concrete Driveway Power Washing

    It's time for a Concrete Driveway Power Washing. The average driveway costs between $3-7 per foot according to concretenetwork.com. That means if your driveway is 1500 sq/ft (average size), then you are looking at $7500-10,000 to replace it. The reality is that you do not have to talk about replacing concrete if you simply maintain


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