Professional pressure washing

treat your home to a pristine clean


If you’re looking to have your Grafton home pressure washed, Pristine Clean is the perfect choice! Pristine Clean has been serving Grafton since we opened over a decade ago. Grafton is a favorite for families and individuals wanting open space and land. Grafton is also close to the interstate, giving fast access into the city. As a local company that cares about our customers, we feel our customers should have the best service available to them. We always treat every Grafton home like it’s our own. If you’re a new home owner or have lived in Grafton your whole life, give Pristine Clean a shot you won’t regret it.

Finding a company to pressure wash your Grafton home with the same level of care and effectiveness that we provide can be difficult. Pristine Clean is a professional pressure washing company that gets its expert standards from Pressure Washers of North America. From our pressure washing wands, to our surfaces cleaners and detergents, we use only top of the line products. Our service representatives are very accommodating and honest. There’s no need to have a salesman come to your home and pressure you into high-priced services. At Pristine clean we create the estimate right over the phone and offer affordable pricing. The Pristine Clean techs are highly trained and certified to clean your roof, house, deck, patio or wash and seal your driveway, and always are just a phone call away. Make your Grafton home look pristine again.