Professional pressure washing

treat your home to a pristine clean


Are you in search of a professional Hunting Valley power washing company? Pristine Clean services Hunting Valley with almost 10 years in the city now. Pristine’s great reputation backs up all the work they do. Did you know that Hunting Valley got its name from French fur traders in the late 17th and early 18th centuries? Ever since then, the village of Hunting Valley maintained its natural beauty. Unfortunately, Northeast Ohio is known for its crazy weather, in which homes in Hunting Valley get dirty fast. Therefore, most people get their houses washed every two years. Fortunately, the Pristine Clean Team is here to help.


Finding a company to clean your house with the same level of care and effectiveness that we provide is a  constant challenge. Pristine Clean is a professional power washing company that gets its expert standards from Power Washers of North America. From our power washing wands, to our surface cleaners and detergents, only the best is used. Our salesmen are also very accommodating and honest. There’s no need to have a salesman come out to your house and pressure you into overpriced. At Pristine clean we create the quote right over the phone and offer affordable pricing. The Pristine Clean techs go through regular training, and are certified to perform an outstanding service every time. Make your Hunting Valley home look pristine again!