Professional pressure washing

treat your home to a pristine clean


In search of the perfect pressure washing company in Kirtland? You found us! Filled with parks and small residential areas, Kirtland is a great place to live, and is right off the shores of Lake Erie. If you like that small-town feel, this is the city for you. Pristine Clean has been doing the pressure washing in Kirtland for a decade now with a great reputation to show for it. Being a local company, we understand how difficult it can be to keep your house clean with all the weather we get. From the harsh winters to the spring storms, the weather can really make your Kirtland home look filthy. If you’ve got black streaks on the roof, dirty siding, or a concrete driveway full of the dirt and mildew, you can trust that Pristine Clean will make your house look like a home again.

First of all, when you get your house washed by Pristine Clean, you are not getting Chuck in a truck with a power washer in the back of a pick-up. You deserve higher quality service performed at your home. With Pristine Clean, we take pride in our honest pricing and excellent customer service. Also, Pristine Clean is a step ahead of the competition, devoting time and energy to studying the newest and best processes in the industry. Not to mention, we get you a quote right over the phone. The Pristine techs are all highly trained employees of ours who are certified by the Pressure Washers of North America. No need to try and do it yourself and take the chance of damaging your Kirtland home. Let the pros at Pristine Clean do the work for you. Call us today!