Professional pressure washing

treat your home to a pristine clean


Are you in search of a professional power washing company in Parma? Pristine Clean has been servicing the city of Parma for 10 years now with a great reputation to back it up. As the second largest city in Cuyahoga County, Parma is a growing choice for families. In 2014, Parma ranked third in the USA in safest cities. With such a growing community, comes issues to more homes, and more wear and tear on existing house exteriors. Therefore, most people get their houses pressure washed every two years to protect value. Fortunately, the Pristine Clean team can help.

Finding a company to clean your Parma house with the same level of care and effectiveness that we provide can be a challenge. Pristine Clean is a professional pressure washing company that gets its expert standards from Pressure Washers of North America. From our pressure washing wands, to our surface cleaners and detergents, only the best equipment is used. Our service representatives are very trained, honest, and straight forward. There’s no need to have a salesman come out to your house and pressure you into overpriced services. At Pristine Clean we create the quote right over the phone and offer affordable pricing. Most importantly, the Pristine Clean techs are highly trained and certified to perform an outstanding service every time. Make your Parma home look beautiful and new again! Call us today!