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Pressure washing your roof is a bad idea because it can permanently damage your shingles. Professionals know that the safe way to wash your roof is with a low-pressure treatment that relies on cleansers to do the job rather than water pressure. The Pristine Roof Treatment is a professional roof washing service that safely and effectively removes those ugly black streaks and organic growths that are eating away at your shingles and reducing the curb appeal of your home.

damage causing bacteria

What are those black streaks on my roof?

Those streaks on your roof aren’t just ugly, they are causing damage to your shingles! Northeast Ohio has been invaded by a shingle eating bacteria called Gloeocapsa magma. This bacterium feeds off the limestone filler in your shingles and breaks them down over time. The Pristine Roof Treatment is designed to exterminate the organism ruining your roof and eliminate the black streaking they cause.

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Don’t just wash, renew!

By eliminating the harmful organisms eating away at your shingles you will rescue your asphalt shingle roof. Now it’s time to reverse the damage done and restore your roof to its old glory with the Pristine Roof Renew. The Roof Renew service consists in the application of our biobased shingle rejuvenator that will add 5 to 15 years back to the life of your asphalt shingles. Don’t just rescue your roof from decay, renew it today!

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