Concrete Driveway Protection

September 18, 2020

It’s hard to imagine that something so seemingly harmless as water can be so damaging to concrete. It’s all about expansion and contraction. When water freezes into ice, it expands up to 9%. When water penetrates the tiny holes in the molecular structure of the concrete, it freezes and expands, shattering the concrete. Our goal in sealing is to fill those molecular spaces in your concrete, so water and contaminants cannot penetrate them. This ensures the integrity of your driveway, patio, and walkways.”

The Right Equipment

Our Technicians use high-tech, walk-behind surface cleaning units to get the job done. Pristine deep cleans the concrete to clear it of dirt and contaminants. What’s great about these professional cleaners is that they make for a more consistent clean and thoroughly prepares the concrete to accept our deep-penetrating sealer. Our sealer is composed of silane-siloxane, which chemically reacts to create a hydrophobic barrier. Concrete is porous by nature, and the holes are various sizes. We use this unique combination because silane fills the small spaces, and siloxane expands into the bigger spaces. Plus, after the application, our sealer will mitigate staining and protect your driveway and walkways against further contaminants, such as oils and road salt.

Act Now to Beat Winter

As soon as the nighttime temperatures drop too low—and that’s going to happen this weekend—concrete sealants cannot penetrate and protect, That’s why September and October are such big months for us. It’s as if the first frost is a trigger for many folks. It’s ideal to do the job well before that, but, like clockwork, the phones ring off the hook with customers wanting to protect their concrete ASAP.  If you don’t do it now, you won’t be able to protect your concrete driveway before winter.

Honest Pricing Every Time

With Pristine Clean you won’t find pricing gimmicks or games. We give every customer our best price, up-front price, period. Everybody gets the same fair rate, whether it’s your friends, neighbors, eastside or westside. That’s just how we roll. Sure, we have our $70 off discount for service, but that’s where we stop. We don’t price gouge or hyper-inflate the price, to then widdle it down through a frustrating game of “what’s my price?” That’s no good for anyone!

In addition to concrete clean and sealing services, our team also power washes homes, decks, and roofs, and we’ll tackle multiple jobs for one flat rate. Give us a call 440-454-7041 for a free, no-pressure quote. 


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