Pristine Clean offers a premium commercial power washing service for all of Northeast Ohio. Our team services businesses, condos, apartments, schools, universities and government buildings. Hower, maintaining the exterior surfaces of your building can be a challenge. The weather in Cleveland varies from hot to cold, and dry to wet, with everything else in between. The variable conditions, along with industrial fallout pollutants, can make your building look drab and unattractive. Don’t make the mistake of going it alone, or hiring out the work to someone who isn’t qualified. Pristine Clean serves thousands of businesses and residents, and our expert technicians will give your property instant curb appeal. It’s time to treat your commercial property to a Pristine Clean.

Who to choose for commercial power washing?

But why choose Pristine Clean for your power washing company you may ask? Well, that’s a great question. To say it plainly, the owners Ken Wilson and Anthony Alberino have a passion for power washing. The duo started their company with just a pickup truck, a ladder, and a chincy power washer they purchased from Home Depot. Of course, their beginning was humble, but they never stop getting better, and they always remember where they came from. Now, they have a fleet of beautifully branded box trucks full of top-of-the-line equipment and machines. It’s interesting to note that their roots run deep in Cleveland, which is where Pristine Clean got its start almost ten years ago. Beyond that, here are two more compelling reasons to choose The Pristine Clean Team to maintain your commercial property for pressure washing services.

We care about about our customers.

The service experience with Pristine is unlike any other. Sure, there are other options for commercial power washing, but nobody works like we do to make every aspect of your service easy and informative. Our customer support staff is friendly, transparent, and responsive. Along those lines, we get your quote to you quickly and can accommodate almost any type of job, big or small. We use state-of-the-art estimating tools, which makes for a quick and accurate quote turnaround. Also, our Pristine Clean Machines are loaded with the best equipment available. Our power washers, soft washers, and walk-behind concrete surface cleaners are the best. Again, it’s our daily mission to satisfy all our commercial power washing customers.

We care about our employees.

At Pristine Clean, we only utilize tenured technicians who work year-round as employees. With this in mind, we never use sub-contractors. By doing this, our continuity of service is always high. Beyond that, our philosophy creates opportunities for Ohioans who want stable, great paying jobs. Also, our technicians receive retirement and health benefits. You’ll also be happy to know that Pristine Techs go through rigorous, ongoing training. All of our newest hires are paired with seasoned vets, who lead well and are trained in all aspects of commercial washing techniques. Furthermore, we are certified through the PWNA¬†(Power Washers of North America) for siding, roofs, and concrete washing, along with sealing. Beyond that, Pristine Clean can handle gum removal, bleacher washing, oil staining, and many other commercial cleaning services.


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Certified contractor with Power Washers of North America (PWNA).


On Google plus accredited with Better Business Bureau (BBB).

  • "I highly recommend Pristine Clean. I just had my concrete drive and walkways cleaned and sealed. There was a lot of black and green mold on the driveway. It looks fantastic now. Derek and Eric were very thorough and courteous. A job well done! I am beyond pleased."

    Adelle C.
    Twinsburg, OH
  • "Excellent service and quality."

    Lee G.
    Highland Heights, OH
  • "They did a good job. Came out quickly after requesting the service. All work was completed satisfactorily and they were able to complete the services without me being home which means I did not have to miss time from work. As long as you have a working water spigot, they can do the complete services for you without causing you to miss time from work."

    Donna C.
    Parma, OH
  • "Here was my experience: 1) Very quick and easy quoting process; 2) Prompt at making an appointment and coming out to do the work in a timely manner; 3) The original quote was $529. I had an elderly parent ask a question and present a coupon to use. It resulted in an additional charge for some additional work being done that I did not agree with; however, they quickly fixed the invoice and included the discount and the price was in the middle of the original quote and the original invoice. Once again, they are very prompt to respond and remedy the problem. Overall, they are very good and respond quickly which shows me they take their business very seriously."

    Lisa S.
    Cranberry Creek, PA
  • "Your serviceman Eric W did a great job with a fantastic attitude. He was professional and polite and is such a positive reflection on your company."

    Walter H.
    Westlake, OH
  • "Thank you for the prompt and professional assistance on clean and sealing my concrete drive, patio, and sidewalks. Derek W and associate were just great! They not only were business like, but they kept to the task at hand and made sure to be polite, courteous, and thoughtful with this customer! Well done!"

    S. Rasch
    Shaker Heights, OH
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