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Brick is a popular building material that is used to create beautiful patios, walkways, and other home features. However, if brick is not maintained properly, it can become discolored over time due to dirt and mold. Unattractive stains can keep you from enjoying and using your brick patio or walkway regularly. Fortunately, the Pristine Clean team has the tools, knowledge, and experience to safely power wash your home’s brick surfaces without causing damage. Similar to our process for concrete cleaning, we will remove the grime from a brick patio or walkway with a soft pressure wash using biodegradable cleansers to eliminate contaminants.

Exterior Brick Cleaning Services

Let Us Restore the Appeal of Your Home’s Brick Surfaces

If your patio surfaces need a refresh, leave the cleaning to the professionals. The team at Pristine Clean has the knowledge, experience, and equipment to transform your patio and leave it looking like new. Our safe patio pressure washing services use a specialized blend of cleansers to gently lift and remove dirt and contaminants and restore the shine of your surface. Contact us now and get ready to enjoy your newly cleaned patio all spring and summer long.

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