Professional vs. DIY Concrete Cleaning

Should You Pressure Wash Your Concrete Yourself or Hire a Pro?

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Your concrete driveway or patio has seen better days. It is coated in dirt and grime and has not been washed in years. You are considering whether you should spend the money to hire a professional concrete cleaning company or borrow some equipment from a friend and do it yourself. Pressure washing your own concrete might sound like a good idea—until you actually turn on the pressure washer.

We strongly caution you against DIY concrete cleaning, and here’s why:

Risk of injury
risk 1
Operating a pressure washer is no small job. Pressure washers are much stronger than a regular garden hose. That much water pressure can take the average person by surprise and make the equipment hard to control. If you were to drop the equipment or lose control of the hose, you can injure yourself very easily. There is also the possibility of electric shock whenever you are using powered equipment near water.
Damage to personal property
risk 2
When you lose control of the hose, you not only risk injury to yourself, but you can quickly damage your property. If you accidentally hit other surfaces of your home besides the concrete—such as wood, brick, or paint—those surfaces might become chipped or broken from the water pressure. Experienced concrete cleaners use professional walk-behind concrete washers that are slow, controlled, and apply a measured amount of pressure. There is no risk of damage to other areas of your property.
Lackluster results
risk 3
Even if you were to successfully operate a friend’s power washing equipment, the results will simply not be the same as having your concrete cleaned professionally. Pristine Clean’s experienced concrete washers know the right mix of pressure and cleansers to safely and effectively remove the dirt and grime from every inch of your concrete surfaces and leave them sparkling.

If you are trying to decide between hiring a professional concrete cleaning company and doing it yourself, we hope we have convinced you that the choice is clear: Choose the quality cleaning results of working with a professional like Pristine Clean.

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