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The Fountain of Youth for Your Roof

revolutionary shingle rejuvenation

Has your roof seen better days? Before you decide to replace it, contact Pristine Clean to find out how you can renew it at a fraction of the cost.

add 5-15 years to your roof

Over time, your shingles lose their oils and dry out. In addition to fading the color and vibrancy of your roof, the loss of shingle oil leads to brittleness, cracking, leaking, and reduced granular adhesion. The bottom line: dried out shingles look ugly, protect poorly, and age quickly. The Pristine Roof Renew can bring your shingles back to life with the application of our shingle rejuvenator that will restore the lost oils to your shingles and return them to near original condition.

Breathe Life Into Your Shingles

With our soy-based, eco-friendly asphalt shingle rejuvenator, your shingles will regain their original granular adhesion, flexibility, and durability. Roof Renew not only restores your shingle waterproofing, it returns your shingles to their original vibrant color and makes your roof look like new again!

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Environmentally friendly

Sustainable Roofing Solution

With more than 12 million tons of non-recyclable shingles filling our landfills each year, it is time to renew—not replace—your roof. Restoring your asphalt shingles will not only improve your roof’s visual appeal and extend its longevity, but it will also delay the transfer of your roof shingles to a landfill. Save money and protect the environment with the Pristine Roof Renew!

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